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Why go to Mexico for stem cell therapy?


The so called ‘stem cell’ therapies on offer in the US are extremely limited in their scope.

At most only the extraction of adipose cells and their immediate reapplication into the patients body is permitted in the US.  The ban on ‘cultivating and expanding cells’ and the ban on cord cells in the US severely limits so called ‘stem cell’ therapies in the US.

People have been traveling to Mexico for stem cell therapy, amongst other reasons,  to receive dosages of hundreds of millions  of cells- and thereby increase the chance of a positive result.

Effective stem cell therapies or  treatments involving the use of cultivated and/or expanded cells are currently illegal in the US. The FDA prohibits cellular therapies using “manipulated” cells, or cells that have been more than ‘minimally manipulated’.  The FDA interprets this as doing  anything more than extracting cells from tissue samples and immediately introducing them back into the same patient’s body. These restrictions  are why many people travel outside of the US for stem cell therapy, such as over the border to Mexico. While many so-called ‘cellular therapies’ are available in the US, few are legally able to provide effective treatment for those seeking relief. The fact is without the expansion or so called ‘manipulation’ process the cells are simply not numerous, robust, or potent enough to have the desired effect.

Baja Medical, based in Baja California, Mexico, just south of the US border, only uses  fully licensed medical professionals and laboratories.

Our treatments, level of service, location and accommodations are second to none in our humble opinion.

This is yet another reason to come to Mexico to be treated by us.