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Simple Definition of rejuvenate:

  • : to make (someone) feel or look young, healthy, or energetic again

  • : to give new strength or energy to (something)

We can tailor a stem cell rejuvenation package to suitable candidates. This will require an in depth consultation with  our team members.

Stem cell facelifts can also be offered. ( note that this may also require surgery, albeit less intrusive that that associated with a standard facelift technique.

We are also able to offer stem cell based therapies to combat erectile dysfunction.

For suitable candidates we offer an  extensive treatment protocols for patients which includes the option of applying hundreds of millions of umbilical cord tissue cells,  or  harvesting and applying large quantities of   mesenchymal stem cells, usually drawn from the  patient’s own bone marrow.  This treatment  includes other supportive treatments and therapies  with an aim to maximize the treatment effectiveness. Stem cells harvested from the patient’s own bone marrow will also be sent to a specialist COFEPRIS licensed laboratory for further cultivation, and differentiation for further injections.

Typically these patient will spend a minimum of 3-5 days at our clinic.

We can also offer stem cell treatment using donor stem cells which are provided from  a licensed laboratory.

To contact us for an initial consultation email:  info@stem-cells-mexico.com or call  +1 (619) 344 0565.