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Eye_200x200We can treat numerous conditions relating to  eye and vision problems and to include;

  •   Macular degeneration,
  •   Glaucoma   
  •   Retinitis pigmentosa

Our specialist, and including an opthamatologist would have to consult with you and review your records, including any scans of the eyes  to give a firm diagnosis and recommended protocol. For suitable candidates we offer an  extensive treatment protocols  which include the option of applying hundreds of millions of umbilical cord tissue cells,  or  harvesting and applying large quantities of   mesenchymal stem cells, usually drawn from the  patient’s own bone marrow. would offer a 5 day course of treatment which involves stimulating, removing, and re-applying your bone marrow mesenchymal cells.  (we will deposit the bone marrow cells into the affected area normally by injection).

We can also send the cells to a licensed laboratory for manipulation and treatment for future injections. In Mexico cells from donors,the placentia and umbilical cord are  an option.

If you are interested please send us an email or call. 


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